Children 5-7

In this program, your child will develop physical skills and mental attention through varieties of martial art instruction, fun games, and group activities guided by our experienced instructors.

“My daughter has been coming here for about a year now and I have seen a great improvement with her confidence around others.”Jan P. - Yelp Reviewer

Juniors 8-13

Martial arts training for juniors helps them obtain tools to feel confident with a healthy self-esteem. In our curriculum, we emphasize cooperation among each other, confidence in expressing themselves, respect to others, and discipline to follow instructions.

“My son has never been as happy or as confident. He loves going to class at CCB Martial Arts. He feels very welcome and included. He says his instructors take good care of him and make him feel good about himself. “Ruby S. - Yelp Reviewer

Adults 14 & Up

Build a higher level of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-defense.  We offer training in three martial arts for adults; Seibukan Jujutsu, Enshin Itto Ryu Battojutsu (Samurai Sword Art), and Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu).

“Everyone works together to make each other stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. This is a very positive and powerful place to learn Martial Arts and I highly recommend checking it out.”John M. - Yelp Reviewer

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